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Fresh and 100% organic products directly brought from our organic and self-sustaining garden...

All the greens leave our garden: All the greens used to make our dishes come fresh fresh from our garden. If our garden does not meet the demand, the clubhouse team partners with small local producers who share our philosophy of providing 100% organic products.

Garden open to the public: We have, as in other areas of our experience, an open door policy where all the people who do us the favor of visiting us have the possibility to visit and realize all the proceeds of our garden transparent our method and giving them the possibility to realize where you come from the dishes they taste.

Without chemical fertilizers or pesticides: We are dedicated to conserving the environment and ensuring that our products are not exposed to chemicals throughout the entire cultivation and harvesting process. We use organic fertilization methods using our own recycling composting methods. We are dedicated to maintaining a healthy balance of natural defenders in our garden so that it remains healthy and avoids chemical pesticide use.

Advanced Hydration and Hydroponics System: We have a fully automated and state-of-the-art hydration system that collects rainwater ecologically, purifies it thoroughly using minerals and micro-cell filters to later be channeled and sprayed to encourage the growth of products with higher density, color and accentuated flavor properties.

100% self-sustaining garden: All the materials and supplies used for and in our garden are recycling products. The energy we use for the operation of the garden is self-generated in an ecological way by solar cells. The water we use is collected from the rain and self filtered following innovative methods of purification 100% ecological and safe.

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