• Magical Celebrations

Throughout the year we have special celebrations for those days that unite us as Mexicans, we invite you to join our family and celebrate with us ...

New Year: Start the year with us ... We offer you the pleasure and comfort for you and yours to celebrate by the hand of our best cuisine, service and atmosphere. So don't worry and start the year with all the batteries from the hand of Restaurante Casa Club del Académico. We have a special celebration menu, signature cocktails and unique wines from our cellar. Enjoy and exalt your senses surrounded by the best music and atmosphere very close to you in the south of our city.

Valentine: Start, strengthen or celebrate your love, friendship or fraternity story with us. On this special day we are dedicated to falling in love with your palate and that of your company with the best cuisine, signature cocktails and select wines. Complement this unforgettable day with dance and unforgettable surprises.

Children's Day: Every day is children's day but in this special restaurant Casa Club del Academico throws the house through the window to please the most valuable, loved and important beings of our Mexico and the world. Gigantic inflatables, clowns, magicians, art and sports come together to pamper them before sitting down to taste menus and dishes specially created for them and with the main intention of serving their tastes.

Mother's Day: For the most important day of all of us - because thanks to them we exist - Casa Club del Académico Restaurant is dedicated year after year to give all our mothers the best in the world of gastronomy , culture, atmosphere and spectacle proposing an annual challenge to provide all of them with a magical and unforgettable day as a minimum sample of everything that our mothers represent for us.

September 15: Every year there is a special day that unites us all regardless of our differences ... A day also to relax and celebrate to the fullest the pride of being part of a country full of friendship , love and fraternity as is Mexico. Pyrotechnics, mariachis and tequila. The richest traditional and popular food of our Mexico joins the most advanced gastronomy. Do not hesitate to celebrate with us on this special day we assure you that it will become another Mexican tradition for you, your family and loved ones.

Day of the dead: In Mexico and nothing else in Mexico, we have a day to celebrate with joy the clear dark of life and therefore its final cycle that makes us living beings. In Casa Club Restaurant we share with you through our offerings and gastronomy a tribute full of joy, smiles and longing for the past. We celebrate and remember on this special day our loved ones who left and others who have come to touch through their mastery, dedication and art the heart of all Mexicans, inspiring us to go ahead and write new stories "Until the body endures" .

Christmas: Celebrate nativities with us. We invite you to give us the opportunity to share with you the most intimate family moments of life framed in an atmosphere of celebration, joy and unparalleled peace. Don't worry and let us assist you and your whole family on this special day, allowing you to fully enjoy our traditional menu, shows, surprises and unique amenities in such a special celebration.

Suggestions mailbox

In the Academic Club House the most important thing for us is your suggestions or comments which make us improve every day offering you the service and surprises you deserve. Do not hesitate to write us any comments about our place, food, facilities and / or services.